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Please send all submissions to philippe@jazzanddraw.com

Jazz and draw will try to feature a wide variety of artists expressing the musical world of jazz in their own style. Artists can come from any field: cartoonists, illustrators, animators, graphic designers, photographers, painters, etc. and be both well known or up and coming.

The goal of this blog is to help everyone (me included) to discover new artists as well as new musicians, styles and/or albums. So be as wild as you can in choosing the musician or band you want portray. And once you’ve got your image ready, send it to me with your name, the adress of your portfolio website, the name of the musician and your favourite tune/piece of music of this musician. If you can provide a link to a place where everyone can listen to this tune, so much the better. If not, we’ll do without it but I find it sad not to be able to listen to your personal choice. In any case, please, don’t send me any music file, I will not put any music on the blog itself, with my day job and my family, I’ve got enough to do of my days not to get the majors angry with this project.

I certainly would prefer if you waited to post your image on your own blog or another message board until its been posted here. Once it’s been posted, feel free to post it wherever you would like as often as you like, it still is your image after all. I’d rather this blog not becoming a destination for images that have already been all over the web.

The image file should be 72 dpi and ideally 600×400 px although, really, any size will do. Just remember that large files are good for print, but just make extra work for me on the posts.

From time to time, I might have to reject some submissions. I do not like it, I’ve been rejected myself a fair number of times, I will try to do it as less as I can and for as much as I can possibly manage, I will tell you why this has happened. Rejected or not, I will try to get back to everyone in a timely manner. If it does take some time to get an answer, bear with me, I will answer eventually. Don’t panic before a couple of weeks went by.

I started this project on january 2011, will hopefully keep it going for a long time.

Note : if by any chance you find on the blog any link that does not work or that refers to illegal material, please let me know, I will take it off as fast as possible. Thank you for your help on this.