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Chico LaRoca

Chico LaRoca

the musician : Daniel Glass
the tune : Drum Solo from The Century Project
the artist : Robert Bridges

Francisco “Chico” Estaban Nunez LaRoca or Chico LaRoca, is a self-styled legendary Hide Hitter. Energetic and enthusiastic, the young Toucan was raised outside the tropical resort of “Juan Deppitito’s Cabana-Land Resort and Haberdashery” located in the South American jungles. Loud, gregarious and always ready for a jam session he first learned of the 18 Karats in a discarded American paper ‘s classified ads. Familiar with the infamous Tricksy Mingo he stashed aboard a banana freighter and made his way to the states in search of his musical fortune. Chico was ready for a fresh start, not much else was going on around town, save for the current musical opportunities on the resort being boy bands named after hot soups….

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