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100th post – Bobby McFerrin

100th post – Bobby McFerrin

This is the 100th post already!
Thank you all for your fidelity and your support.

Since I felt this could not pass unnoticed, and since I thought placing someone’s image today would be unfair to all the other paritcipants, I decided to post a few videos of one of my favourite singer. I was hoping to get a portrait of him to post but it never came (I’ll have to do it myself one of these days). He is probably the only person I know of who is able to make a crowd sing on the right tone (as shown on third the video). This might not be jazzy enough for everyone but by now you probably noticed the musical scope of the blog is quite wide. Hope you like it as much as I do. Enjoy.

And now we’re going for another hundred images!

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